Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Silk Screen Puzzles are here!

The Faded Line just finished production on 3 SILK SCREENED jigsaw puzzles. MARSians, Peacock, and OM Mantra are all limited edition, signed and numbered by artists Emek and Jeff Wood, respectively. At 15"x22" and 513 pieces, these will surely challenge even the advanced puzzler.

We will release these shortly after Christmas. Happy Holidays!

More Art Prints coming soon!

Just a little teaser on some new art prints that we just finished. Created originally as gig posters by artists Emek and Jeff Wood for The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stoneage and Bonnaroo/Conscious Alliance. These impressive screen prints are printed on 1/4 inch pieces of maple and birch, Signed and numbered edition of 50 pieces by the respective artist.

These turned out amazing folks!

Electric Voodoo Fire prints are available in the new Limited Edition Prints category

We are proud to announce the addition of the Limited Edition Prints and Products category. The Faded Line will continually update this category with limited edition, signed and numbered prints and other goodies. Make sure to check it often as many of these will sell out quickly!

Up for grabs is the new art print by Jeff Wood entitled Electric Voodoo Fire. This amazing print boasts 10 fluorescent acrylic colors screen printed on sand colored 140lb French Madero Beach Speckletone paper. It's safe to say that this may be the most impressive black light poster known to all of man! Signed and numbered edition of 115.

Hurry as we only have a handful left!

Artist Notes:
This is the first edition Black Light Electric Voodoo Fire is an 18" x 24" --10 color Black light screen print done in a street style painting technique on 130lb French Paper. This is limited small edition of 115 prints. It is a portrait of Jimi Hendrix from a sketch I did after being inspired by all the street art in the narrow alleys in Amsterdam . The piece was originally conceived as a painting. After completing the painting, I decided to do a small run of prints for my collectors. The first run done in non-black light Golden Acrylics sold
out in a matter of hours upon release.

I originally intended to do the piece as a "true black light" poster using fluorescent inks. "True black light" meaning a poster that is designed to look good under a black light as opposed to just a print with some fluorescent ink thrown in random places. All the ink was hand mixed using fluorescent pigments. The paper is loaded with optical brightener making it glow purple.This image comes alive under a black light!

The original image was painted using brushes, stencils and spray paint. Each color was hand painted separately on paper and then made into a film positive for screen printing. It was screen printed using hand mixed fluorescent inks resulting in extremely rich vibrant colors that literally vibrate off the page. I think I may be doing a series of black light posters. I wanted to do it years ago, but never got inspired. This print may have just done the trick.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A drummer wearing our drummer!

Pictured here is Kris Myers, drummer with Umphrey's McGee, wearing The Faded Line's Drummer Striped tee by Jim Flora at their Red Rocks show on August 31, 2008. For more info about UM and their new album Mantis, go to

Photo by Charles Isenstark

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yarmony Grass '08 Festival Official Poster

The Faded Line is proud to bring to you the limited edition official poster for the 2008 Yarmony Grass Festival in Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado.

more info

Friday, June 20, 2008

Grammy Winning Ozomatli and The Faded Line Clothing Co.

Check out our friends Ozomatli wearing our Faded Line shirts at their show on the main stage at Wakarusa Festival.

Trey wearing the Drummer stripped shirt by artist, Jim Flora.

Wil-Dog grooving while wearing The Faded Line's Cyberman shirt
by artist, Emek

Jiro wearing the Flame shirt
by The Faded Line's artist, Todd Slater

Asdru rocking the Faded Line's I Want More shirt
by artist, Jim Pollock

Hot Buttered Rum wearing Faded Line Clothing

Zac Matthews from Hot Buttered Rum supporting The Faded Line's Dreamtime t-shirt by Jeff Wood/Drowning Creek Studios

Oakhurst wearing Faded Line Clothing

Our friends from Denver, Oakhurst.
Upright bassist Johnny James Qualley wearing the Faded Line's I Want More shirt
by artist, Jim Pollock.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Faded Line sponsors the Wakarusa Festival

We're proud sponsors of the 2008 Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival in Lawrence, KS. Expect to see killer music, fun friends, and our Faded Line booth in the Revival Tent next to our good friends, Conscious Alliance. We'll have the entire Faded Line Clothing Line there in addition to some other limited edition and free items. Please stop in and say hello!

See you there!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Faded Line launches Jim Flora apparel

Jim Flora merchandise

Jim Flora Official Merchandise

Jim Flora (1914-1998) is renowned for his wild jazz and classical album covers for Columbia Records (1940s) and RCA Victor (1950s). He wrote and illustrated 17 popular children's books and flourished for decades as a magazine illustrator. Few realize, however, that Flora was also a prolific fine artist with a devilish sense of humor and a flair for juxtaposing playfulness, absurdity and mayhem.

His album covers pulsed with angular hepcats bearing funnel-tapered noses and shark-fin chins, guys who fingered cockeyed pianos and honked lollipop-hued horns. Flora wreaked havoc with the laws of physics, conjuring flying musicians, levitating instruments, and wobbly dimensional perspectives. He was not averse to pigmenting jazz legends like bedspread patterns. On some Flora figures, three legs and five arms were standard equipment, with spare eyeballs optional.

Flora has posthumously added The Faded Line Clothing Co. to his client roster: his estate, Jim Flora Art LLC, has authorized us to feature vintage Flora figures on a festive line of casual apparel. Flora once said that all he wanted to do was "create a little piece of excitement." He overshot his goal with much of his work. You will soon be able to wear that visual excitement.

A selection of Flora LP covers was published in The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora (Fantagraphics, 2004). A second book, The Curiously Sinister Art of Jim Flora (2007), features dozens of Flora's rarely seen early paintings, woodcuts, prints, sketches, and commercial assignments. See more Flora works online at and

Bio Courtesy of Irwin Chusid.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Faded Line Clothing Co. turns Green

The Faded Line Clothing Co. has created a Eco-Friendly clothing category. Using sustainable fabrics made of organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, The Faded Line Clothing Co. will continue to transition from plastisol ink to water-based ink to provide a truly Eco-Friendly apparel line.

Emek's Pheel Phree Magnets are now online!

Many Phish fans say their overall favorite Phish poster was done by Emek in 1995 for the show at CSU Convocation Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Considering the band's long history of highly collectable posters, that's a big compliment to Emek.

The Faded Line Clothing Co. is now offering a collectible thick-cut lucite magnet of Emek's "Pheel Phree" artwork. Measures approximately 2.25 x 3 inches.

Buy it from The Faded Line Clothing Co. here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our newest addition to the Faded Line - Jim Flora Art

Jim Flora's art has appeared on record album covers, in magazines, in children's books, and on fine art prints. Soon it will appear on Faded Line apparel. We recently signed with Jim Flora Art LLC (heirs of the artist) to market a very cool line of t-shirts and hoodies featuring Flora's mischievous and curiously sinister art.

Designs are now in development. Lots of cool stuff to come!

Emek's GelaSkins for iPods are now online!!!

The Faded Line GelaSkin by Emek
The Faded Line Clothing Co. GelaSkins for iPods by Emek are now available. We offer skins for the Classic, Video, Nano, and Touch. More information at under the Accessories category or click here.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Emek Magnets and Skins coming soon!

We're in production with the Cybercycle Gelaskins for iPods. There have been a couple delays and took WAY longer than we had expected, but they ARE signed and in production. Hopefully I'll have finished product within two weeks.

Also in production with a lycra magnet of Emek's Pheel Phree poster which was used on a SUPER collectable poster for Phish in 1995. They look great and should also be available around the same time as the skins.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Congrats to Jessica E. on winning the Dragon shirt for girls! We hope you like it! Thanks again for participating in the Super Punch/Faded Line contest.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Make sure to check out our advertisments on and

Super Punch contest for The Faded Line

The contest is now closed. We've sent an email to the winner and will update once we've heard back. Thanks to all those who participated!

Special thanks to Super Punch and all of the blogs who helped spread the word!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Emek wins another Pollstar award!

Congrats to The Faded Line artist, Emek, who just won 1st and 3rd place in the CIC Pollstar 2008 Poster Contest! 1st place was for his Coachella poster and 3rd Place for his 10,000 Lakes Festival poster!

Courtesy of Expresso BeansCourtesy of Expresso Beans

Super Punch contest

Our friends at Super Punch are running a SUPER easy contest. The winner will receive a dragon shirt or iPod Gelaskin. Check it out here!