Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our newest addition to the Faded Line - Jim Flora Art

Jim Flora's art has appeared on record album covers, in magazines, in children's books, and on fine art prints. Soon it will appear on Faded Line apparel. We recently signed with Jim Flora Art LLC (heirs of the artist) to market a very cool line of t-shirts and hoodies featuring Flora's mischievous and curiously sinister art.

Designs are now in development. Lots of cool stuff to come!

Emek's GelaSkins for iPods are now online!!!

The Faded Line GelaSkin by Emek
The Faded Line Clothing Co. GelaSkins for iPods by Emek are now available. We offer skins for the Classic, Video, Nano, and Touch. More information at under the Accessories category or click here.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Emek Magnets and Skins coming soon!

We're in production with the Cybercycle Gelaskins for iPods. There have been a couple delays and took WAY longer than we had expected, but they ARE signed and in production. Hopefully I'll have finished product within two weeks.

Also in production with a lycra magnet of Emek's Pheel Phree poster which was used on a SUPER collectable poster for Phish in 1995. They look great and should also be available around the same time as the skins.